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We are Rainbow Christian Camp… soon to be The Ark Christian Ministries.  (BUT NOT QUITE YET!) Yes, the name change is going to happen. We have been talking about this for a year now and are finally headed toward that goal.

Because of confusion with two names (Pearson’s Mill Christian Assembly dba Rainbow Christian Camp) and because of confusion in our current culture about what the Rainbow stands for and because of confusion that we are much more than a summer camp….. we are moving ahead with a name change. Notice that not much else changes here. We are still true to our core values of being Bible Based, Christ Centered, and Mission Minded. However, what the public knows us by will be THE ARK CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES.



News & Announcements

  • And the summer begins!

    It began on Saturday morning. The kindergarteners, some of them hand in hand with their grandparents, walked in with a little hesitation. But very quickly, they were laughing and singing and learning about Noah. And so began the 2015 summer camping season here at RCC. Then on Sunday afternoon, over 130 campers and their faculty members arrived and headed to their appropriate areas of the property to begin their week of focusing on God and what He has planned for them.

  • Off to a GREAT start!

    The registrations have begun to come in and the Summer 2015 camp season is beginning to fill. Please do not worry, though. If you haven't signed up, most sessions still have plenty of room for you. Just click on PROGRAMS in the above menu, then YOUTH PROGRAMS, then SUMMER CAMP 2015 "The Promise" and you will be taken to the page with all of the camp information. Then when you are ready to pick your session(s), click the REGISTER NOW button and you will be on your way! Call the camp office if we can help in any way.

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